MARJA-LIISA AALTO-ANNALA                                                 

Marja-Liisa Aalto-Annala was born in Lapua, Finland, in the spring of 1939 into a culture-positive family.  Her mother was a talented pianist and her father a skillful drawer. But already in the autumn of the same year Finland was drawn into a war with heavy consequences for the family. They lost their home in the aerial bombing attack of the city of Oulu, and her father died towards the end of the war in 1945.

Since her childhood, Marja-Liisa’s aspiration is to transmit beauty, as beauty heals and nourishes the soul.

Marja-Liisa studied at the Institute of Art and Design, Helsinki (1958-62). In the summer of 1960, she participated in a course taught by Oskar Kokoschka at International Summer Academy, Festung Hohensalzburg, in Austria, where her work was recognized with the 2nd Place Kokoschka Prize.
After the graduation, she continued her development at the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts, as well as in the Academie Julian, in Paris.

After her two daughters were born, Marja-Liisa worked as an Art Teacher for 30 years and continued her artistic expression during free time.

For Marja-Liisa the line and its rhythm are important, energy and movement in general. In her work she transmits harmony, balance and peacefulness. Amongst her most used media are woodcut, charcoal, oil paint, pastels and collage.

Currently living and working in Loviisa, Finland, she has participated in numerous collective and solo exhibitions both in Finland and abroad and is featured in various international art publications.


1958-62 Institute of Art and Design, Degree in Art Education, Helsinki, Finland

1960 Internationale Sommerakademie fur bildende Kunst,
Oskar Kokoschka student, Salzburg, Austria

1963-64 Litography and metal graphics course, A. Tuhka studio, Helsinki, Finland

1964-66 Academie of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland

1967 Academie Julian, Art of painting, spring semester, Paris, Finland

1973 Art History Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland



2014 Loviisa  Art  Centre  Alm,  Loviisa, Finland

2013 Konstrundan, studio exhibition, Yritystalo, Loviisa, Finland

2013 Galleria G12, Helsinki, Finland

2012 Art Factory,  Kulma,  Porvoo, Finland

2011 Konstrundan, studio exhibition, Yritystalo, Loviisa, Finland

2009, -08, -07, -06, -05, Annala, Art Exhibition, Old Houses Fair, Loviisa, Finland

2007 Tullisillan Kotigalleria, Loviisa, Finland

2004 Childrens’ Very Own Gallery, Gable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

1994 Sibelius House, Loviisa, Finland



2016 By invitation 13-31 July 2016: Gallery Artifact, New York, NY.

2016 Woman’s Essence, Hermandez Art Gallery, Milan, Italy

2015 Toistaiseksi, Almintalo, Loviisa, Finland

2015 Seniorien Salonki, Gable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

2014 Art Week Helsinki, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

2014 Summer exhibition, Art Factory, Porvoo Society of Artists, Porvoo, Finland

2014 Into the Light, Walloon Artists, Belgian Embassy, Helsinki, Finland

2013 By invitation: ‘Ethics as DNE of Art’, Florence New Biennale, Florence

2013 Inaugural exhibition, Loviisa Art Centre Alm, Loviisa, Finland

2012 Art Society’s’ 40th Anniversary Exhibition, Galleria Theodor, Loviisa

2012 Towards Art Centre 2., Alexanterin Taidevintti, Loviisa, Finland

2012 Seniorien Salonki, Gable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

2012 Towards Art Centre, Almintalo, Loviisa, Finland

2011 Museum of Fine Arts Manifesto, Loviisa City Museum, Loviisa, Finland

2010 Drawing  now, Vanha Kappalaisentalo,  Porvoo, Finland

2010 Seniorien Salonki, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

2008 Seniorien Salonki, Kouvola Art Museum,  Kouvola, Finland

2006 Printmaking Fiest, Galleria G, Helsinki, Finland

2005 Seniorien Salonki, Järvenpää House, Järvenpää, Finland

2005 The national minimum graphics, Galleria Joella, Turku, Finland

1963 Group XXIV graphics, Leibzig, Magdeburg, Berlin, Germany

1960 The final exhibition of Schule Kokoschka, Festung Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, Austria



2016   Current Masters 2, USA

2016   Woman’s essence, Italia

2015  We Contemporary, Musa, international art space, Italia

2013   The New Florence Biennale, Ethics DNA of Art, Italia



1969-99 Professor of Visual Arts, Middle school and high school, Lapinjärvi, Finland

1975-80 Art courses, Community College of Valko, Finland



1960 2nd price Oskar Kokoschka student
Internationale Sommerakademie fur bildende Kunst, Salzburg, Austria



Jyväskylä Art Museum, Finland



Finnish Painters’ Union*

Porvoo Society of Artists

Porvoo Art Society and Art Gallery Konsta

The Association of Senior Artists

Loviisa Art Association